The Killing (1956)

The Killing is a classic 1950s heist film and the first major film from director Stanley Kubrick. 

The film stars Sterling Hayden as Johnny Clay, the mastermind of a plan to steal $2 million from a racetrack. Among his gang are inside man George Peatty (Elisha Cook Jr.), corrupt and indebted cop Randy Kennan (Ted de Corsia) and Mike O’Reilly (Joe Sawyer), a bartender with a seriously ill wife. 

Clay also hires two men to create diversions at the racetrack. These are gun dealer and crack shot Nikki (Timothy Carey), who is to shoot the favourite horse during the race, and an old friend, wrestler Maurice (Kola Kwariani), to start a fight at the track. 

But the plan is complicated by the unexpected involvement of Peatty’s duplicitous wife Sherry (Marie Windsor), who plots with her lover (Vince Edwards) to get their hands on the cash themselves.  Read more ...

5 thoughts on “The Killing (1956)

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  1. The brilliant madness of the bar fight with the wrestler guy was such a fun highlight in this film.
    And how great is Marie Windsor as the deceitful bitch queen. She made you wanna shout BOOOOOO every time she appeared. lol
    I really enjoyed Killer’s Kiss esp the mannequin ending scene. I haven’t yet seen Fear and Desire.
    BUT man-O-man how good was The Killing after cutting his craft with those two films.
    A masterpiece.
    Jay yet another brilliant write up with loads of great knowledge.
    I now really need to see it again….

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    1. Kubrick pretty much disowned Fear and Desire, but it’s not as bad as that might make you assume. It’s really trying too hard to be meaningful and to say something “significant”, but it’s quite interesting anyway and still worth a look.

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