The Amicus Horror Anthologies

Although less well known than its rival Hammer, Amicus Productions left its own mark on the horror genre during the peak years of the British horror film in the 1960s and 1970s. Amicus’s trademark was the anthology or portmanteau film, one comprised of four or five horror tales all linked by a framing story and often concluding with a revelation or surprise pay-off.

In this post I explore all 7 of the Amicus horror anthologies – and a few copycat films too. Read more …

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  1. I feel bad and little stupid that I’ve never heard of Amicus film before. Plus I’m not 100 percent sure if I’ve actually watched any! Heard of most of them, though I have seen the adventure ones The Land That Time Forgot (1974) and At the Earth’s Core (1976).
    Like you say the British casts involved are amazing. So people great names. I need to get my Halloween buzz on and watch some these.
    Incidentally I do own this from Dr Terror, Roy Castle singing the theme and the great flip side called Voodoo girl. Sure he wasn’t a “record-breaker” with that single. 😉

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    1. Thanks for that! I also listened to the Dr Terror song. Think I prefer Voodoo girl. I’ve never heard these before, I don’t think even Voodoo Girl is actually in the film (unless, maybe as an instrumental in the club bit, but probably not). Kind of fun. How did you end up with that record? You obviously didn’t hear it new.

      I honestly like the concept of the Amicus films more than the execution a lot of the time, but they’re generally worth watching – but it is mainly because of those great casts. Although the 2 best ones, TFTC and FBTG, are quite good in their own right.

      If you fancy a horror anthology for Halloween I do highly recommend Dead of Night if you haven’t seen it. It’s turned up on TPTV a few times recently, so probably will again. Ghost Stories was on the other day so should be on iplayer.


      1. I just watched the film again and it is in it. The instrumental version is the new version of the voodoo tune Roy Castle plays. No song, though.


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