Classic TV: Red Dwarf V

The fifth series of the sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf was first broadcast on BBC2 in February 1992. Rimmer (Chris Barrie), Lister (Craig Charles), Cat (Danny John-Jules), Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) and the ship’s computer Holly (Hattie Hayridge) all returned for this season and there were no significant changes to the series format. 

Red Dwarf V begins with a story showing Rimmer in an unusually sympathetic light. In “Holoship”, Rimmer is disgusted by the plot of a romantic film, unable to accept the premise that someone would give up their deepest desires in life because of their love for someone they will never even see again. Read more …

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  1. Jane Horrocks gave me lustful thoughts as Nirvanah Crane. Probably the only time, ever, anyone was jealous of Rimmer. But you still didn’t want him to muck it up lol.. Surprisingly deep episode that one.
    A really classic series is V. As always broadcast time was so exciting to see what clever and funny adventure we would be subject to.
    Yeah your so right, Back to Reality was so great. The writing was next level. 5 years of loving this crew and knowing everything about them to be rewarded with this genius episode and throwing their characters on their heads. Plus imaging missing the the planet of the nymphomaniacs!!!

    Too many funny scenes that you have so well pointed out and mentioned. Evil Rimmer in the suspenders and tail feathers LOL. Etched on everyone’s mind but luckily we can laugh it off rather than being traumatised for an eternity.

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    1. Yes, she was surprisingly sexy! The writing’s really good in this series and I think there was another budget increase, which does show. Some people think this is the best one, but I find it difficult to separate 4-5-6. It may be better than RD 4 overall, but that does have a couple of my favourite episodes. 6 is very funny as well.


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